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Complex Line Types should DISPLAY correctly

Complex Line Types should DISPLAY correctly

THIS IS NOT A REPEAT of the No. 4 top-voted Revit Idea - submitted in 2016 - asking for the ability to create "Complex Line Types" in the AutoCAD sense of the term.  


This Idea suggests that Revit might simply display complex line types correctly in linked DWG backgrounds. Consider it an adjustment to the DWG renderer, not a refactoring of Revit's line object creation tool. This is a case where a word is worth a thousand pixels.


Oh mighty owners of the sacred DWG format, as one of thousands who is often obligated by AHJs, clients, and elusive Standards of Care to represent important objects as lines interspersed with repeating symbols, I beg you, please do this for us.


You will probably be asking for texts, mtexts and backgrounds to look the same as they do in cad when linked or loaded into Revit next.


The fact that linked text does show up as text, but text on lines does not makes me think that the rendering engine for lines in links and lines native to Revit is the same. To fix this would probably be to fix the other one, but at least if they start with this the rendering part would be fixed and they could figure out the Revit interface for creating complex line times later.


I like to imagine a day when I install Revit20** and the OTB has linetypes set to IBC and NFPA 170 standards so I can't help but draw code compliant drawings. I would have to go out of my way to not comply. Imagine aligning an industry tool with how the industry has operated for decades. Instead it is like a tape-measure without the inches drawn on. Here's the "tool" but you need to finish it. And in the case of linetypes, it's like a tape measure without inches and a surface that won't accept ink.


@MichaelWolff , TEXT and MTEXT objects show up fine - at least sufficiently for design collaboration and publishing to be carried out. AECC objects from Civil 3D can be saved down to Autocad primitives so they show up fine as well. 


Fwiw: This image illustrates some of the issues working with dwg text holds:

2023-06-26 08_40_02-Window.png

The black text is mtext and text coming from Autocad using Arial and Simplex fonts. They are superimposed with the marked (thus blue) Revit version of the same text - all converted into single lines. You will notice that the kerning in revit is not the same as in Autocad. The text gets wider using the simplex font and a little more narrow using Arial. Depending on the font used sometimes this is close enough at other times it is not.

The 'saving down' mechanism implies that you cannot collaborate with people outside of revit unless they choose to let you have elaborate revitted-down versions of their files or you are stuck with doing this save-down yourself whenever you are confronted with new material by third parties. Also live links become impossible.

Linked and imported files may look alright, but if you add text to them - be it annotations or text notes - you need to provide text styles exclusively to match those inside the prepared dwg files. If the line spacing is somehow altered, you are stuck with single lines to match it. Say you are left with an existing building that has a certain DWG-Look to it and you need to add areas and circumference values to existing room tags as well as fully tagging those in your own design so that your pdf output looks the same as before.

Ah, the text background of the last paragraph also did not make it into the corresponding revit text style.

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