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Make realistic views more like Formit (or Sketchup)

Make realistic views more like Formit (or Sketchup)

Revit's realistic views are often too dark. Formit and Sketchup have much better looking views.


Although Revit has an 'ambient light' slider, you can't really use it because you start losing color in the bright areas (because the slider effects the entire image, not only the dark areas).


Formit however, has an 'ambient contrast' slider that lets you adjust the strength of the 'shading' effect without affecting the rest of the image. This allows us to create clear and bright looking images. See image below so see Formit's shading contrast slider in action (upper left is much better looking then upper right).


formit shading contrast.png


So please consider adding a similar ambient contrast slider to Revit.


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