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Linework "Magnetic Polyline"

Linework "Magnetic Polyline"

I propose a linework tool that behaves similar to Adobe's magnetic lasso that smartly snaps around an object. This would be awesome for profiling lineweights in elevation. It would also be hugely beneficial to have it behave like a Polyline so it can be manipulated with nodes for easier manipulation of continuous profiles. I wonder if this could have a set workplane so geometry in front still breaks the line. Maybe a workplane range like anything further than 1" - 6" in front of the work plane masks, anything less than that (think roof coping) does not mask. Finally, it would be great to have this line lock to 3d geometry and warn and link to the view if something has become discontinuous and the program cannot calculate how to close the loop. Lots to unpack with this idea, but lots that can be improved!


Have a look at Silhouettes:





@Simon_Weel, silhouettes is not finessed enough for the desired output. Elevation lineweights are an art that involve several layers that aren't an easy logic to write into 1 setting. The linework tool is also a very slow process that is very unstable. If a wall join gets broken and needs adjusting, or if you swap out one object for another, your linework is deleted with the object. My office presently does detail groups on top of elevations. That's where I would like smarter tools to get the output done faster. Here's an example of a portion of elevation where I drafted the lineweights vs. what Silhouettes does.










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