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Option to Collapse all items in a Branch of the Project Browser (from anywhere, not just the top/root)

Option to Collapse all items in a Branch of the Project Browser (from anywhere, not just the top/root)

It's always been a pet peeve of mine that you can't collapse just a specific branch of the Project Browser without scrolling all the way to the top/root.  For example, when I'm navigating through the expanded "Families" branch, in most of my projects it will have several hundred families and types.  The option exists (by right-click/context menu) to "Expand All" or "Collapse All" when deep in the structure, but the right-click options to "Expand Selected" and "Collapse Selected" only appear when one is right-clicking at a node which already has a + or - symbol.    Using "Collapse All" is well and good, but it's like using a nuclear warhead when you just want to plink a tin can off the fence (because it collapses the entire project browser.)  I just want to quickly get somewhere else in the browser without scrolling several hundred lines, or collapsing all the other branches at the same time and then having to re-open everything that just collapsed. 


I'm aware of the use of the +/- keystroke when the project browser is in focus, however, it still takes several presses of the minus key to progressively collapse the structure back to the root of a particular branch. A single selection from the context menu would be much nicer, particularly since I have to look down at the keyboard to find the minus key and then re-focus my attention back on the screen.


Again, the functionality that I would like to see is something that might be called "Collapse Entire Branch" or "Collapse This Branch" and is available no matter where in the branch you make a right-click.  And, unlike "Collapse All," it should ONLY collapse the branch where I click...I don't want to re-open my "Sheets" and "Views" structures if I've collapsed "Families" using this proposed option.




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I get a lot of use from the Left (Jump to top of branch/Collapse Branch), Right (Expand Branch) and Up and Down arrow keys to quickly navigate in the project browser. 

I appreciate these are similar to the + and - but feel there's a bit more functionality. If you collapse (left arrow key) on an already collapsed branch, you'll jump to the top of said branch. Very helpful in the Schedules or Families areas which often require a good deal of scrolling without this.

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