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Line pattern at borders of row groups in schedules

Line pattern at borders of row groups in schedules

In order to make schedule more readable, I suggest the ability to separate row groups after apply filter with different line pattern than the rest of the cells.


The idea is to have someting similar to this:

border schedule.png


instead of:

original schedule.png



And customize the line stile / line stroke pattern in for each level of groping should be made in Appearence tab of the schedule. There you edit the pattern for first, second, third and fourth group or let all be the same. (But I will love is schedule have more than four levels of grouping, five at least but better to have no limit at all).


There is another simple schedule improvement that could make much impact: Grouping Rows


I forgot to upload this picture:

border line.png



I not allways like the "blank line space", and for those cases a distintive separation with line style would be great.


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