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Increase viewport rendering efficiency

Increase viewport rendering efficiency

The speed of panning and zooming in AutoCAD and Solibri never seems to be limited by my computer. Revit on the other hand, viewing the exact same DWG-link (and nothing else) as AutoCAD, is dragging its feet and visibly lagging. Because of how much time Revit spends on handling DWGs in relation to renovation projects(linking, import,export), I am seriously considering spending the time to learn AutoCAD. Not for new buildings of course, but the office I'm working in is handling a lot of small renovation contracts, and allthough Revit does many things better, the enormous difference in processing/rendering speed of dwg's (viewport rendering, not artistic rendering) might actually make it worth it. Compared to Solibri, the speed in 3D-rendering is also very slow, so the room for improvement is clearly there, it's not just hardware that's causing this.

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