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Fire tape built into wall properties

Fire tape built into wall properties

It would be great to be able to toggle on and off fire tape automatically built into the walls based on the fire rating.  Similar to how the analytical lines work for structural components.  it could be a subcategory option under walls to control.  I would like to have it as patterns and color-coded if desired (or have it black/white for some views), but I would also like to be able to turn it off if needed.  I would like it to look good in all scales and be able to show the wall in the fine detail as well if desired.  Not sure if the rated walls need to be fine detail, but I would like to see the exterior, CMU, and concrete unrated walls in fine detail while the fire tape is turned on.


I like this idea, as it could solve one of the issues with showing fire rated enclosures - needing to show the door, but wanting the rating indicator to continue over it at the same width.


I agree: 


We have tried every possible way of showing fire ratings we can think of. Each approach leaves something to be desired; with large trade-offs. (no need to list them all here)


What we want is just a traditional fire tape, but which stays attached to the wall. 


Maybe it could be a "Rating" sub assembly in the wall structure which could be filtered, turned on an off in visibility settings (like sweeps). Ideally it could work like a repeating detail component. A repeating symbol, I guess?


I have seen this request on every wishlist and board Autodesk has provided its users for over 10 years.   This is a fundamental task of an architect to provide for the safety of the occupants of a building.   This seems more important than making the project browser collapsable or a section box easier to use.    Why does this keep getting requested year after year but no significant talk or action has happened from it.

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In Tennessee, as with many other states, the Fire Marshal requires the documents to show a graphic representation of fire & smoke rating on all drawings of varying scales, phases, and disciplines (floor plans, ceiling plans, sections, enlarged plans and details).The fire & smoke ratings need to appear throughout the documents in every cut plane from the walls, floors, ceilings to the roof of a building. The ratings also need to be shown in a separate wall legend on every sheet. After much discussion within forums and offices, the best way to graphically show these ratings is to incorporate a pattern into the 3D modeled element. This builds the rating into the 3D element so if it is cut in plan/section the rating will show through every document and discipline within the project. This leads to the overarching problem, there is not nearly enough patterns within the software to show the necessary fire and smoke ratings and cut patterns do not show in the “existing phase” at all.


We request an additional pattern category to be developed specifically for fire and smoke ratings. The goal is to be able to apply the pattern to elements such as walls, floors, ceilings and roofs and then when cut they appear through the project; every phase, every discipline. The pattern would have to be transparent to allow material patterns to show and have visibility controls to allow it to be shut off on presentation drawings. The pattern would have to be visible and half toned on existing elements. Color coding allows this to be easily visible, however there needs to be a distinct pattern so the ratings can be identified when printed in black and white and bold enough that it is easily visible on any drawing. The pattern will also need to adjust with scale and show on all detail levels (fine, medium & course).


The patterns that we are required to show are listed below:

Non rated wall – No pattern

30 minute fire partition
1 hour fire partition

1 Hour Fire Barrier
2 Hour Fire Barrier
3 Hour Fire Barrier
4 Hour Fire Barrier

1 Hour Fire Wall
2 Hour Fire Wall
3 Hour Fire Wall
4 Hour Fire Wall

Smoke Partition
Smoke Barrier

 Example of why more pattern are neededExample of why more pattern are needed

There are many ways suggested to show this, NFPA 170 Chapter 6.3 Symbols for building construction. As suggested here this just need to be clear and read well at smaller scale. My concern with these patterns is that the text may get lost in the wall material pattern. Some of our overall Life Safety Plans are shown at 1/32” = 1-0”.


Less critical is a matching line type to use on details or drawings where the model elements do not show correctly or just need to be overdrawn. This may be used on wall sections where many of us hide the model elements and overdraw the wall with detail elements. A rating in the model element may over shadow a specific detail we are trying to show.


We would be happy to work with a developer to explain how fire rating are used or answer any other questions they may have.


Related suggestions: RatingsNFPA Rati...CAD Standard example

Would love to see this idea implemented. Communicating fire rated walls is important in every commercial building.



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