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Extract Curtain Wall Wireframe for Use in Other Software

Extract Curtain Wall Wireframe for Use in Other Software

Pretty self-explanatory, but it'd be beneficial if we had the ability to export curtain wall grids for use in other software.  Curtain grids define curtain wall layouts within the Revit platform.  Now, how can we do more with this information -- by enabling Revit to better "speak" with other software by having this interoperability?  


Specifically, I'd like to be able to export curtain wall wireframes from Revit for use in Inventor for easily placing fab modeling in correct 3D placement relative to the project base point.


Simply put, a conversion of curtain grids to model lines in an exportable file format.  


Thank you for considering this request,


-- Clara, CS Drafting

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This is exactly what I need. I've been figuring out a way to efficiently create fully detailed models of every single part of a curtain wall in Inventor, every screw, bracket, clip, ... I'm now at the point where my biggest issue is that I need/want to position everything correctly relative to the project base point. Now I have to manually define all of this which is prone to errors.

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