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errors and warnings Pallete to remain open when fixing errors

errors and warnings Pallete to remain open when fixing errors

Hi Autodesk, Can we have the Errors and Warnings pallet remain open when fixing errors rather than close for each fixed error.


Currently, when I select a series of elements to be deleted, the pallet closes and needs to be reopened to continue, I would like the pallet to remain open until I decided to close it.


Thanks for listening.


The dialog definitely needs an overhaul. There needs to be a better way to manage errors/warnings, see elements in a view before deleting them (esp. Dimensions - maybe w/ ability to rehost?), and be able to add user status - sometimes Revit is ok with the change, but we are not (and still need to review it) long after the dialog is dismissed. Having to export & manually copy & paste Element IDs is a pain.


Some related ideas:


and especially (although I agree with most, but not all):



And, PLEASE, PLEASE let us copy the Element IDs to the Clipboard!

I'm really, really tired of writing down 9 digit number and re-typing them.


dplumb, if you export the warning and error report you can get a copy of the ID's and then copy and past into Revit!


I use the extracted report for this, I delete all other information and reduce the report to ID separated by commas so I can mass clear some of the errors such as duplicate elements.


So you're saying we can currently do something that generates and error and then:

  • Export the Error report
  • Close the error dialog
  • Open Excel
  • Find the same error in Excel
  • Select just the ID from the string
  • Copy it to the Clipboard
  • Return to Revit
  • Change the the Manage Tab
  • Click on "Select by ID"
  • Paste the ID
  • Return to Excel
  • Close Excel
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Find the Error report
  • Delete the Error report file
  • Return to Revit


Or; my proposal:

  • Right-click the error in the dialog
  • Copy the ID



@dplumb_BWBR This Idea is simply for the ability to keep the dialog open (i.e. to make it non-modal) like the Properties panel and Project Browser. I also believe she's just talking about the Manage > Inquiry > [Review] Warnings dialog, though I could be mistaken. Autodesk requests small ideas, and this is as small as it can get (related to the issues w/ Warnings), but it's still a necessary change. Once THIS change happens, it opens up a bunch of possibility to improve functionality such as "select these elements", etc. If the dialog>panel had the needed functionality, we'd never need to copy Element IDs again!


FYI, I create a list in Notepad (yes, after exporting and opening the error report -argh!) then select them all in 3D, and slowly delete Element IDs from my Notepad list as I deal with them, but usually I'm just dealing with the errors generated from linking in a new arch model.


It would be useful to have a way to keep the warnings window open at all times if desired. Currently, the warnings window closes automatically if you select and delete a single item. Sometimes it can take several minutes for the warning window to even open. Keeping it open would help to remind people to address warnings and would reduce the amount of time wasted in simply opening the window to address warnings.


There is a similar idea found here:


Best to do a search before posting to avoid duplicates. I recommend reading the forum guidelines. I will let Autodesk know and they can merge it with others. 


I certainly agree with the above, Lionel has provided a link to my idea on warnings, so I won't add to it.


However, in the interim, I thought I would offer an alternate solution to addressing ID's and warnings.

It does require a few minutes of setup, but once done, I find it easy. I have a folder on my Desktop called Revit Warnings. Warnings for all my jobs are exported as HTML to this folder. I open these HTML's in a web browser and save the bookmark (which saves the path & file name). 

What I like about this setup is as you cleanup the warnings, you just hit export again, save over the old file and hit refresh in your browser. 


So if I may...


  • Export the Error report
  • Open Browser, click bookmark/hit refresh (on my favourites bar)
  • Find the warning in HTML
  • Select just the ID from the string
  • CTRL+C
  • Look right (I have two monitors)
  • Shortcut Key: 'ID' (for 'select element by ID')
  • CTRL+V

Hope it helps. 

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