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Warnings Dialog Box Overhaul: Ignore Function + more

Warnings Dialog Box Overhaul: Ignore Function + more

The Warnings dialog in Revit could use an overhaul. We can't always please Revit rules, so some warnings we want to acknowledge, but they shouldn't clutter new ones.

  • We should be able to "Ignore" or "accept" warnings we no longer want to see, to get a true value of warnings to be concerned about. 
  • When clicking "show" we should be able to nominate view types to search through
  • Assign priority to "types" or "categories" of warnings - perhaps through a warnings options dialog. Eg: Calculation warnings, duplicate warnings etc. 
  • We need an "isolate" button that isolates the offending objects in view
  • More information in the warning about why profiles aren't working
  • Ability to expand the size of the warnings dialog box
  • Sometimes we do things in Revit that affect dimensions. We are presented with a warning to proceed by deleting dimensions. If we don't click delete, we can't move forward. (In other words, you don't have a choice) I would like an option to see WHICH dimensions are being deleted before I am forced to remove them.
  • Can warnings be tagged with the user name that originally generated them? This is more about training & responsibility than blame games. 
  • We often want to copy ID's from warnings to select them using ID selection, A "Copy ID's of checked items" would be nice. 
  • Help menu provides advice to fix certain type of warnings. This should be accessible in the warnings Dialog "See more Help on this warning" for example. It would help new users resolve issues they are unfamiliar with. 
  • A button "Show properties of selected element". Some warnings can be resolved by simply adjusting a property. 
  • The ability to leave the warnings dialog open while resolving problems. Shouldn't have to close this dialog. 
  • Yellow Pop up warnings should need acknowledgment by clicking 'OK' to stop them disappearing. Users can plow ahead and ignore simple stuff, slowly racking up silly warning messages. 
  • When selecting elements with warnings, the 'Show related Warnings' in the contextual ribbon I feel is not obvious enough. The element should get an exclamation point hovering over it on screen or have a seperate selection colour.
  • The ability to sort warnings by date created
  • Warnings relating to objects in closed worksets should indicate this, to reduce confusion, perhaps in brackets (Workset is currently closed)
  • Option to 'expand' all warnings

Credit to the many users throughout various forums and blogs who have helped formed this list. If you recognise yours, thank you for your input. 



al very good points but i can't plus you for this one point:

We should be able to "Ignore" or "accept" warnings we no longer want to see, to get a true value of warnings to be concerned about.



Some more reasons to add an Ignore function to the Warnings dialog box -


  • Sometimes there are things which are deliberate design decisions that Revit does not like.
  • Also when we create a model on the basis of a scan of an actual building, the resulting model can't be 100% correct and please Revit.

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