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Edit Multiple Revit Links Display Settings Simultaneously

Edit Multiple Revit Links Display Settings Simultaneously

There are tons of reasons why the ability to edit multiple Revit links display settings at once is valuable. I do multifamily so we use Revit links to create our units and we load those into the project, but some units have variations so we use design options. So it would be nice to be able to grab a group of links that are from the same file, and edit their display settings together for design options, model categories, or linked views attributes. The unit links my company build have a lot of flexibility with all the different variations we have, but when it comes to implementing that flexibility in the model by editing the links display settings, Revit falls short by having to edit each link, even if its the same link type, one at a time. There are ways around this, but they are cumbersome. It would be nice to have more fluidity between the links display settings flexibility and Revit's ability to implement those visibility variations. This multi link display editability feature would make links more powerful which will make the software more powerful in this aspect. 


This would be great, or even being able to template links and apply a template to a link specifically.  We will almost always go in and turn off Annotations in links and being able to do this globally for all links would make this a ton quicker on larger projects.


@GrantDoherty same same


It would be great! In my opinion this feature should be included in a main solution that permits to edit also multiple view template at one time.

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