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Dimension Text Inline with Dimension Line

Dimension Text Inline with Dimension Line

This is such a basic feature, I was shocked it wasn't an option in Revit today...

There should be an option to have dimension text be centered inline with the dimension line so that the dimension line breaks around the text.

Screenshot 2024-01-08 155643.png

This should be possible without dynamo, without having to use opaque text (we use transparent), and without having to manually drag the text down over the line.


This would save valuable space on on our drawings.


@libengan I think there is a valid argument for a genuine dimension overhaul, but nobody seems to be really interested?

I've seen many forum posts about it, but when I searched the ideas to vote
for it, I couldn't find this feature so I figured I'd create one.

Yes, this should be possible. Why not remove the zero barrier and allow for negative values determing the dimension text distance (text offset) to its linework? This is uncommon in architectural drawings here in Germany but is standard for most mechanical drawings I have come across. This might explain why there wasn't an idea yet.

While thinking about it, why not have something like "half the text height value" or "negative half the text height value"?

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