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Create sub-categories for walls

Create sub-categories for walls

The ability to create sub-categories for wall. It allows to manage different types of walls and its representation in each view template (removable partition, party wall, solution wall, etc.)

It could offer possibility to represent walls cut lines by different ways (dashed, points, line) and filling depending on other parameters than materials.

Moreover, it offers possiblity to filter certain types of walls.


Maybe add those new "wall functions", but not sub-categories. By template you can assign Filters to change is representation in views.


Currently Revit has those funcionts (by type):

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Foundation
  • Retaining
  • Soffit
  • Core-Shaft


Also may these funcionts are needed too:

  • Parapet
  • Curb
  • Fence (solid)
  • Cavity Walls
  • Double-skin facade (Outer skin & Inner skin)
  • Finish layer (for ceramic tiles on wet walls/backsplas or veneer/cladding/rainscreen/green walls on exterior walls); some people like to have it as a separate wall in revit. Maybe that also works for wall base/chair rail/indoor cornice too.


By the way, what is a "Solution Wall"?


Because if they're subcategories, their default appearance can be set up in the Object Styles instead of having to create filters and then change how each filter changes the appearance in each visibility graphics or view template.  And then if you need to over-ride the default appearance it can be done in the visibility graphics or view template again without filters.


I think the subcategories feature is very underused.  There have been some recent changes in the right direction, but in one case (can't remember the specifics right now) we can now create new sub-categories has been added, but there's no way to make use of these new sub-categories.


Thank you for your answer!


@samuelsanf Indeed Filters is an interesting feature for representing objects through different parameters but it is not available on REVIT Light. That is the reason why I find subcategories more appropriate.


"Solution wall" is a bad translation sorry. I mean a wall placed as a provisional solution and represented with special graphics. It is just an exemple of use of subcategories and its possibilities of representation on several plans, without managing it manually on multiple plans.

For example, I like representing removable partition with dot lines. Subcategories could be interesting to solve this problem without use of filters.

Or for types of wall recovering, we can create different subcategories depending on materials or references, and spot each of them on a special view with colored thick lines.

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