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Blank/Empty Rows in schedules

Blank/Empty Rows in schedules

I have hit a number of instances where I need to document that something has been removed - 

that is, I have a schedule of something, devices, spaces, whatever, and one line item gets removed from the project.  It's hard to cloud that change, we do it - just squeeze a really skinny revision cloud into the space between two rows.  But, it would be a lot better if I could insert a blank row, to indicate something has been removed (and cloud around that).

not unlike adding a data row in a sheet schedule


I don't see the possibility to create blank rows, which doesn't refer to a certain parameter value. It would be nice to be able to create "unintelligent" rows where you can leave the field blank, or fill in your own text. 


For instance, in small projects, I like to make a combined sheet and document list, wich containes both drawings from within revit and  lists documents from outside revit and at the same time comes with a header separating each category. So far the workaround i've found to do this is to create two sheet lists. Then create new sheets with the name of the external document, number the same sheet, and then make a schedule where i hide the sheet number as the external documents doesn't contain numbering as the drawings do... Not exactly smooth, and hard to convince co-workers to do document/sheet lists in revit..Udklip skema.PNG


It would be nice to have a option to include a blank row after data similar to how you can add a blank row before data in schedules.

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