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Control curtain grid position by parameter value.

Control curtain grid position by parameter value.

If possible, I would like to be able to control / adjust curtain wall grid lines using a schedule or parameter based interface.

If, once placed, their offset from the base or from one another could be displayed in a dialogue box, with the ability to edit the values (like levels, or like a schedule), this would be an excellent upgrade to the functionality of curtain walls.

It would also help this function if the grids were able to be named or numbered (like reference planes).

This feature would add some of the familiar control of compound walls or wall sweeps to curtain wall grids.


An example might be using curtain wall for a facade that has a spandrel panel to mask floor zones and a pattern of panels between each floor. The floor level grids could be linked to levels to aid control, but the grids defining the pattern could be controlled by a parameter that controls offsets from level/each other.

I believe this control would help future integration of computational design also.


This idea could also link nicely with other curtain grid ideas such as:

Generating pre defined irregular patterns ( and

Creating grids in a sketch mode (

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