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API to login to BIM360

API to login to BIM360

For automation purposes, there are many situations when you would like to be able to run commands unattended or with minimal attention.


As BIM360/C4R usage has expanded, this has become much more challenging - because access to BIM360 resources requires that a user be signed into BIM360 inside of Revit. While signing in does cache the token for a certain amount of time, it inevitably expires and breaks any unattended automation.


We would like to see an API call to login the user to BIM360 programmatically (providing the username and password).



Not having this ability would cause our automation processes to fail, and require unnecessary time to re-login to the cloud.   We currently do model health and PDF printing every day for over 200 projects, that's about 600 Revit central files to you and me.


I understand the need to be more secure.  I think what Matt is asking for is a way to automate the generation of a new token on our side of the internet 


Definitely agree with Bill: all fully autonomous batch processing routines are currently restricted to local server based Revit files 


Many customers are looking at, transitioning or using BIM 360 and this change is having a negative effect and perception on Autodesk that causes uncertainty. 


I'm hoping Autodesk can find a secure way to make this possible.  Many companies rely on 3rd party automation for printing (among many other things) while staff continue to connect for design and production.  Deadlines can be missed due to task servers dropping out with sign in errors.


I know this isn't exactly what you're asking for but one option for unattended updates or processing of cloud models is Design Automation which now supports Revit Cloud Models for Revit 2022+.


I'm well familiar with it. It's moving things forward, but the list of key limitations is still LONG.

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