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API - create a calculated value field in schedule

API - create a calculated value field in schedule

Revit API should enable creating a calculated value field in a schedule and also provide means to access and modify it (e.g. read and change the formula, name etc.). Simple as that.

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Да, действительно данная возможность очень важна

Google translated by Community manager:
Yes, indeed, this feature is very important.

I vote for this.

It's relatively fundamental if you want to create schedules programatically.



Okay so hear me out. With new categories in Revit 2021-2023 there are a ton of Schedules that need to be converted to the new categories. (MEP specifically) This is a massive task. I've written code to handle other FeildsTypes but without this API method I'm kind of stuck with we gained a feature (ex: Plumbing Equipment Category) but now have a large manual task (rebuild schedules that may calculate many values for engineering use cases) in front of us to utilize it. Shiny new car that I can only look at... 😐😓


I know I'm not the only one who's complained about how unbelievably long it takes to get these ideas implemented, but just out of interest, how many votes we need to achieve so this idea becomes a reality? 


People, do something about it or make it an open source so revit users could do it.

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