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Allow Dependent Drafting Views

Allow Dependent Drafting Views

Please allow for the use of dependent views in drafting views. There are applications when it's beneficial to have multiple drafting views visible in one place since they're connected, but may not be placed on the same sheet.


The most common instance I've run into is when creating system diagrams that are too large or complex to fit on one page. Instead of having to completely separate these views it would be easier to maintain one diagram but allow for splitting across sheets with optional view references and match lines.


For projects with mulitple packages in one building the ability to duplicate details in drafting views as dependant. 


it will also be applicable for schematic drawings like single line diagrams, in the electrical diagram style. These schematics drawings take sometime more than one sheet, and drawing it on a plan view is kind of messy.

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I cant think of a reason for this not to be allowed. However, you can make a detail group of everything in a drafting view and then paste it into as many drafting views as needed.


@carlos_carmonawhy don't you draw these in plan view with Display Model set to Do Not Display? Surely you want your diagrams to be at a scale and to quickly be able to revise them if the plan changes. I can understand for some wiring diagrams and plumbing risers, which would require the workaround mentioned above.


@Anonymous THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was just about to start in on a project where we are going to have some typical detail sheets (Drafting Views) with up to 10 duplicates - I was actually planning on using Sections with the model elements turned off (so that we could "Reference Other View" [which you can't for Plans] AND use Dependent Views [which you can't for [Detail Views])! I can't believe I hadn't thought about Groups!


BTW, there's no need to copy & paste the group - just Duplicate the View with Detailing. 🙂


Dependent drafting views are needed.  In the mean time, i created families that can be used in a floor plan view so that i can create dependent views.  

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Also, there are many times when we need to issue an RFI for a single drafting view and would prefer not issue the entire sheet of details, instead issue a single view on a letter or other RFI sheet.

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There are multiple posts addressing the same idea. As such the support is getting distributed. There should be way to combine all the support on different posts of the same idea.

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I am surprised there are not more request for this function.  As long as I have been using AutoCAD, the ability to have a detail on a sheet and then update it and issue it as a single 8.5x11 sketch due to unforeseen field conditions or human error has been no challenge and has no possibility for oversight.  With Revit the detail has to be copied or printed and relinked back into the project, which could cause many duplication errors if a firm does not take the undesirable EXTRA time to update BOTH details.   If a plan or section view can be duplicated as a dependent, why not a drafting view?  If my firm has to pay a subscription fee every year, the product should be updated every year to make those payments worth something.  In lieu of shiny new bells and whistle lets work on productivity in line with real world functionality.  

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