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3D (dX, Dy, dZ) positioning parameter or master point, please

3D (dX, Dy, dZ) positioning parameter or master point, please

We (absolutely) need a 3D (dX, Dy, dZ) positioning parameter. Something like a coordinate system parameter. Length parameter in not enough. I don't know how to combine 3 length parameters (by 3 axis) to obtain a 3D positioning parameter.


Such 3D (dX, Dy, dZ) positioning parameter would be very useful in analytical models. We could set element offsets from axis and still make sure the analytical models doesn't have gaps or overlappings. Such 3D parameter would make it possible to snap to individual points instead of lines or planes.


It is so frustrating to have a certain intersection of lines or planes and not be able to snap directly to that. Example : vertical bracings for steel structures - their axis needs binding to structure nodes, yet the real steel bracing profile needs to be offseted from its axis in order to create structural connections to other steel members.


Why do we need to spend countless hours in Dynamo for such a simple task? Why can't we snap to (parametric) points like in Autocad? How is Revit superior to Autocad while it lack such basic features?

Why can't we define a master node (fixed node) and relate multiple slave nodes to that? Like in any decent structural software like ETABS or SAP2000 ?

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