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IFC Import: wrong orientation of opening/window

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IFC Import: wrong orientation of opening/window

Hi, I have a simple IFC-file (see attachment) that comes from a different application.

The file contains a wall (with a window) that, when opened in Revit gives a wrong orientation of the window.


Here is the IFC-file opened in BIMvision, this visualization is correct and I expect the same orientation of the window when opened in Revit.



IFC-File opened in Revit (2025):




The window is rotated.


When linking the IFC-file, Revit correctly shows the window.





Why is there a difference when linking the IFC-File in Revit and when opening the IFC-File in Revit?

Is the IFC-File incorrect?


I observe the same (wrong?) behavior in Revit 2023, 2024 and 2025.


I need to open such IFC-Files correctly in Revit because I want to modify and extend the model.



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I have seen a couple of similar issues 

Window rotated in Revit · Issue #549 · Autodesk/revit-ifc · GitHub


Does the following have an influence?

Export IFC changing Coordinate Base to Project base point.

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What do you mean with "Export IFC changing Coordinate Base to Project base point."?
I get the IFC-File from a different application... I do not have impact on the coordinate base during export


Is there a (hidden) Revit-IFC-Import setting?


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in reply to: reitererMGQBZ

Just for your information, I checked in Revit 2024 and 2025...

its linking correctly.

Revit 2025Revit 2025Revit 2024Revit 2024

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in reply to: Corsten.Au

Yes, i observed the same behavior (in Revit 2023, 2024, 2025).


But when opening the IFC-File, the orientation of the opening/window is wrong.


What is the problem there?

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Has anybody an idea how the IFC-file needs to be modified so that it can be opened correctly in REVIT?

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