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There are a lot of things that you can use Ctrl+C, Copy to Clipboard, or Clip to Clipboard in Revit. Some even allow you to copy from one project to paste into another. Then there is pasting to other views and levels as well.

There are some things you can Insert Views from File and bring in Sheets, Drafting Views, and Schedules from a chosen file. These three types of views can also be right+clicked, and using Copy to Clipboard, you can take just the views you need from one project to another. They have to be done one at a time for this method, but if one is all you need, this is easy. All you have to do to get these views into your other project is use the Paste from Clipboard option. Another beautiful thing about using Copy to Clipboard is that this works on system families. You can bring over only the wall families you want without bringing all the wall families in when using Transfer Project Standards.

Paste 1.jpg

Suppose you use Aligned to Selected Levels to select levels by name from a list. You do not have to be in an elevation for this option.

Paste 2.jpg

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When copying annotative items from one view to another, Aligned to Selected Views allows selecting views by name from a list.

Paste 4.jpg

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There may be times when you copy items from one view, change views and use Aligned to Current View allows pasting to the current view. This allows the paste to go to the exact coordinates of the original view. Great for copying things to an enlarged plan, for example.

Paste 6.jpg


Copying things from one sheet to another and getting them to line up can be difficult. This is when Aligned to Same Place puts it right where it was copied from. This does not work from one level to another. The same place means the same place to the model so that it would put it right on top of the original.

Paste 7.jpg

You can use Aligned to Picked Level in a section or an elevation. These are the only views where you can pick a level.

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