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X,Y,Z coordinates parameters available in schedules

X,Y,Z coordinates parameters available in schedules

is incredible that software with more than 10 years can't offer the X,Y,Z parameters of the object in the properties of in the schedule.


Please make the parameter available.


I hope you're talking about length, width and height / depth parameters. Because X,Y,Z are just cartesian coordinates. And those parameters have constant values only for the simplest shapes (3D primitives). For complex shapes , like conceptual masses, all parameters are variables defined by some functions. Displays functions might be useful too.


Revit has too little engineering (maths) aproach.

We also need Level dimensions in schedules. To easily see Base level and Top level of walls, beams, columns, etc.

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Hi Rivera-Artes


I understand your wish, had the same problem. We are used to coordinates like in AutoCAD or others applications and working in projects, which where georeferenced.

As far I understand the logic of Revit, you must look at your model itself viewed locally. You can define a georeference point, but the software doesn't work with the georefenced system. If you want coordinate lists for the execution of your construction, I recomend you to create a point family and write a Dynamo Skript to it. From there you can create the X, Y, Z parameters and file them in the model, and further export the data to excel.

The Skript is a easy math, vector geometry: transforming the vectors on the local reference to the georefenrence ( rotate + move)


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In addition for the odd cases where columns are not sitting on a rectangular grid there needs to be a way to schedule the angle of a given element.


Revit definitely has all the coordinate information in a model. Use sport coordinate can get the information one at time. 

I don't understand why Revit doesn't provide xyz parameters which can be easily controlled by user for scheduling etc.

xyz parameters should be a basic functionality.

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How to show piles coordinate in pile schedule?

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