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WYSIWYG & Vector Printing

WYSIWYG & Vector Printing

Prints should look identical to the view / sheet on the screen...period.  


Should be able to print nice, crisp, vector prints, all the time.  Shouldn't have to sacrifice shading, colors, use of images / logos, etc because they force Revit to print to raster graphics.  Raster prints are garbage.


DWFs (and hopefully built in PDFs in the near future) need to use vector graphics for measuring tools to work downstream.  DWF is YOUR (Autodesk) format and you don't really support it!


Modeling isn't the only purpose for using the end of the day, we still need to produce documents - please make annotation and printing improvements a top priority!


I guess a hybrid PDF would be okay too, with all lines and patterns being exported as vectors, while shading/textures/shadows and images are added as a raster layer.

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The concept of a program costing what it does not being able to print what it displays on-screen is ludicrous. This is supposed to be used by professionals so why are we not receiving professional results. All we ask is the ability to print what we display on our screens in vector.


"Show Ambient Shadows" is not WYSIWYG, and it bothers me terribly.  The shadows change whenever I zoom in or out, so I have no idea what the view will actually look like on a print.

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