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Voids - Allow a Void to Cut another Void

Voids - Allow a Void to Cut another Void



A Void can Cut a Solid.

A Void can be Joined with other Voids by simply creating multiple Voids.

A Solid can be Joined with other Solids.



A Void can not Cut another Void.

This means Void Geometry is, in the end, more limited than solid geometry. 



I am creating a face-based family that is a void to cut reveals out of other geometry.  The family is linear, and has a complex profile.  When trying to build a miter angle into the ends, it seems it cannot be done.


Mitered Profile Void - Plan.jpg        Mitered Profile Void - Section.jpg






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Have the ability to create more complex shapes by allowing a void to be cut by another void.

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