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View Title Extension Line: Length based on Title Length

View Title Extension Line: Length based on Title Length

Is it possible to have an option to constrain the Extension Line of a View Title based on the title length?

It would be have a fixed extension from the end of the text, like shown in the image below, and being able to set this space to achieve consistent extension lines



Extension Line.JPG


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It can be done by editing the view title. Change the label text to contain underlined text. You will have to select the detail number text as well and duplicate it with a different name then deselect the underline for the detail number text. Save it all for future use in your template and load into project. When back into the project or template, select the view title again an uncheck the extension line box.


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We explored this possibility but it has been deemed as not acceptable from a Graphic Standard point of view, hence the request...



It will be even better if we can also choose the direction of the default extension line (Left/Right)

(We also dismissed the underline text as option.)


Click on the view and it will highlight the title. On the end of the line you will now see a blue circle, you can now drag that to the required length.Revit title.JPG.


There should be a way to give the line under the view title a distance instead of just stretching it. That way they can all be the same.

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