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User-defined Parameter Groups

User-defined Parameter Groups



It would be great if I could add (or edit the default names of) Parameter Groups in Families.

In this way parameters could easily be categorized (with logical/local names), witch would be a great help for the readability of the end user.


If you like this idea, please vote.


Thanks in advance,




In families, there's constantly extranneous groups that we never use, and get in the way of the data we actually care about in each family.  Would like to be able to remove ones such as "Division Geometry" or "Other" (just to name a few) and rename then usefully.

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Working on a big project in Middle East, and we have the need to group shared parameters in a different category from the ones Revit offers: Identity Data, Graphics, Text, etc. but this is not possible. Please consider implementing something that can help us achieve this.


I agree that a way to apply a visible header to a selection of parameters would be very helpful.  Being able to reorder the parameters was a good first step, and I'm not opposed to parameter groups remaining and being the dominate grouping structure.  What we need is a way to break up a long list of parameters and provide a header identifying their use (ie putting the dimension parameters for portion A of a model together under a header, and other dimensions under "Part B")  


Along with this there are parameters and formulas that don't need to be seen or interacted with at the project level, and there should be a setting (by user or by default) to hide them in the project.


We often use different parametergroups for our families just to divide the parameters, but the groupnames makes no sence for the family... It would be great to be able to rename them or add as you proposes


I´d love to have chance to create my own parameter groups.

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A thin separator-line within a parametergroup whith an adjustable tittle (as suggested by "jkidder") would be a first step forward.

For example split parametergroup "Dimensions" in multiple parts with thin separator-lines provided with titles like "Dimensions 1", "Dimensions 2" and so on.


But i would prefer adjustable parametergroup titles (the blue bar could be less dominant, it takes a lot of space).

If complete user-defined parametergroups is programmatically a problem, they could be based upon the default ones.

So for instance add an parametergroup, based upon "Dimensions" but with an user defined title.


Thanks in advance,


Currently, we are doing attribute model analysis for our company so that we can perform the attribute checks for our Revit model prior to perform cost calculation using RIB iTWO. However, it would be great if we can list all selected attribute into one customized name "MyCompany". If developing team can create just a single <renameGroupParameter> that would be great to sort things well and it can be standard at least on every company level where they can put all of the customized parameters.


Adil Bari Syed



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It will be great to have a tool where we can create own group parameter.




Créer nos propres regroupement de paramètre.


L'idée c'est de créer les répertoires dont on à besoin autre que ceux qui sont déja a disposition et qui ne sont pas toujours adapté a nos besoin



Create our own parameter grouping


The idea is to create directories that we need other than those that are already available and that are not always adapted to our needs


As above.


As above. It´s really important for a clean data based model.


I know it's all said already, but some bad ms paint example screenshots below.


Points everyone agrees:

-Having to put parameters under non-related groups just to split them up

-Need a way to define the overall purpose for a given group


My comments would be to type the name you want like dims for panel, dims for frame, supplier info... in the @group parameter under" bar. Once typed it would add this to the options available, so that next time you wanted to add a parameter to a particular group you could just scroll through to where your custom group is in the list.


It would appear as the last screenshot

Quick note by typing in theParameter Group 1.jpgParameter Group 2.jpgParameter Group 3.jpgParameter Group appearance.jpg


I was wondering if we could also have sub categories. Under the group parameters preset by Autodesk we have the option of creating sub-groups. 


As mentioned above, user-defined parameter groups would be greatly appreciated. This is something available in other BIM applications (eg- Aecosim).


As a workaround, especially for our complex families, we have started using "pre-populated read-only" text parameters as sub-group headers. I find it helps but unfortunately also adds additional unnecessary parameters to our families - so not ideal.





Hi @MJB-online, @Joey_JM,

I can totally relate to your problem here. That is why I started to develop my own property palette that allows users to set up custom grouping, among other useful functionality. If you are interested in participating in the early stage of the development just let me know.


This is an absolutely essential feature to add. Our company strives for a consistent organization of parameters for the sake of staff efficiency — we would welcome this feature above most others!


@adam.ortwein if you want to know about our current development in that concern just DM me and I can show you what we are working. Maybe that's a fit for you (until Revit allows this in, say, 2028)


for interest see this idea regarding setting up a parameter: Setup of Shared Parameter Types - Autodesk Community


@maytesegre I agree subgroups could add some nice customization to how the organization of the parameters would be. It would also potentially allow people to hide parameters that they do not want the end user to see in a subgroup so that they would not be messed with or confused about (ex: formulas driven parameters based on user inputs)

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