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Use mouse right-click button instead of Spacebar

Use mouse right-click button instead of Spacebar

I would like to replace Spacebar actions with a mouse right-click. It is much faster and more intuitive. I use 'time-sensitive right-click' in Autocad and my drawing/modelling speed is tremendous. Revit is slow because its' shortcuts are not optimized for speed. Command options toolbar should be a little bigger and emphasized by an individual border or by a different background color, something noticeable and impossible-to-miss by the regular user. I often miss command options and i have to delete and remodel things just because i missed some very useful options in that minuscule options bar.


I think the first and most important thing I would say to you is: use keyboard shortcuts more. Use your keyboard more than you already are. I forget where stuff hangs out on the ribbon because i'm not wasting my time clicking between menus on the ribbon. 


You have to remember the command, right? Why not having a keyboard shortcut that is easy to remember, so you don't have to navigate to it on the ribbon which might be 2 or even 3 clicks, when you can type 2 letters and be ready to go? Moving your hand around a keyboard must be better than the mouse on the ribbon?


@CFNBen: Of course this should be an option. Everybody should have the opportunity to make a project at their own pace.

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