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Transferring "only selected items" using project standards

Transferring "only selected items" using project standards

Currently, there are only two options for transferring project standards from one project to another, you can choose either the "new only" or the  "overwrite everything" option.

What about when you want to transfer only particular items that may be either new or existing?

What we need is a dialogue box that allows us to make direct comparisons between the projects and the ability to select only the items we wish to transfer.

The same would apply to any other items like line types, hatch patterns etc.

Makes sense?


I get around  transferring partial materials by making wall or something with paint for materials and copying that wall into the desired project.  It's dumb, and you should definitely be able to choose which materials/objects/etc are transferred.  


Hi Erin, that's exactly how I currently do it as well, very clumsy though 🙂


Clumsy indeed!  And doesn't help other situations you mentioned.  

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