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The Color Picker Needs a Color Picker

The Color Picker Needs a Color Picker

Simple as that... the color picker needs a color picker. Right now if I don't know the RGB numbers of a color that I need to match, I need to take the image into MS Paint to use their color picker. Then transcribe the numbers to Revit three at time like it's the 90's and I am calling a new number on a land line phone. It's the 20's now and this thing needs to keep up.  Color Picker.png






The colour picker is just the standard widget that comes built in with Windows. It's also a steaming pile of garbage.

Vote for this idea if you want to see a useful colour picker:



@tomek I saw your post and I thought it was a good idea... having a more customizable color picker would be great. I did notice though that this idea was missing from the overall suggestion so I wanted to throw this out there as an its own unique suggestion especially since this is a relatively small ask and simple thing to implement.


Am I not correct in saying this is the same "Colour Picker" from Autocad from decades ago?

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