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Temporary Hide / Isolate Tools - 'Unhide / Unisolate for selected items'

Temporary Hide / Isolate Tools - 'Unhide / Unisolate for selected items'

The ability to unhide selected elements/categories that have been temporarily hidden. At the moment, the temporary tools only work in one direction, to hide or to isolate. We need to be able to go backwards too, to unhide and unisolate selected elements while we are in that temporary view state. 


I use the temporary hide/isolate tools almost hourly. One thing I always run into is wanting to bring back something already hidden as I dive in and out of the model. At the moment, if I want something back that I have temporarily hidden, I have to reset then re-hide all the other elements again. 


Another thing I investigated was activating Reveal Hidden Elements while in a temporary hide/isolate state. Unfortunately, Revit doesn't recognise the temporary hidden elements for the unhide tool. So close, yet so far. 



Detailed Explanation: 

  1. Temporarily Hide 'Element/category A'
  2. Temporarily Hide 'Element/category B, C, D... etc etc
    Now I want to un-hide only element/category A
  3. Currently we have to first Reset then temporarily hide 'element/category B, C, D etc etc again. 
    I wish I could somehow see the temporary hidden elements to un-hide them. Thinking about it, its almost a view state inside a view state. As previously mentioned this is a little bit like activating 'Reveal Hidden Elements' while you are in 'Temporary Hide/Isolate' the only difference being I could unhide an element that was hidden temporarily. 


Thanks for voting. 

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Hello all


Elements that have been temporarily hidden, urgently should be able to make unhide individually.


I've been hoping for this expansion for many years!


Pleeeeease vote, vote, vote!






Hallo Alle


Temporär ausgeblendete Elemente sollten dringend auch wieder einzeln eingeblendet werdet werden können.

Auf diese Erweiterung hoffe ich schon viele Jahre!


Bitte helft mit beim Voten!



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