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Support cloud path for point clouds links and shared parameters files

Support cloud path for point clouds links and shared parameters files

Currently RVTs, DWGs, keynotes and assembly codes are supported for cloud pathing (Autodesk Desktop Connector).  Shared Parameters and Point clouds are currently not supported for cloud pathing.




I cannot even begin to put into words how beneficial it would be to have RCP/RCS support available in Desktop connector, but I'm going to try anyway. from a workflow standpoint, it would save our team several hours per week worth of time due to not having to remap our link paths, reload the point clouds to several locations on their machines, using separate file transfer services, etc. From an ROI standpoint, I can easily see several thousand dollars of savings per year by being able to use ACC Docs/BIM360/whatever it's called this week for all of our linked files. This is because we wouldn't need different file transfer/hosting services for each project. We already need ACC Docs and BIM Collaborate to utilize the Revit worksharing capabilities, so why shouldn't we be able to use it for all of our linked files as well?


I agree.  Desktop Connector should be able to handle ANY Autodesk product generated file type. Frankly, I am shocked that it does not, especially since Autodesk is promoting ACC as the one stop hub for file sharing and document control. 

Status changed to: Accepted

Congrats! We think this is a great idea, so we've decided to add it to our roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!


The Factory

This would be of great benefit if we could streamline workshared point clouds across multiple users.
Having to remap "broken" / "lost" links and assigning default root paths every time a new user gets added to the project or needs to interact with the data is very time consuming and frustrating.

I am relieved to see Autodesk (Kimberly) has responded and added this to their development roadmap. @kimberly.fuhrman , what's the latest update on the matter? Has an official workflow been released yet or when can we expect this functionality to appear? Hope to hear from you soon!


Hi, @Luan.Slabbert.Zutari ,


Thank you for your feedback! While we are unable to say "when" something will be implemented, the easiest way follow development more closely is by joining our Revit Preview Release (beta) and testing features that are currently in development.



Hi @kimberly.fuhrman, thanks for the feedback. I'll keep my eye on it.


This is so very important. We are struggling to share Multiple RCPs of a Football stadium, and need to have them available for all architects & Engineers the ability to see the data at any given time.

When the RCPs are not available, it is very, very frustrating and time consuming to resolve each users problem.



If they can include the coordination of the point cloud in the 3D models in ACC, it would be excellent and, above all, Autodesk would be able to attract a large number of users who would use the ACC platform to coordinate the 3D models with the point cloud.

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