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Structural Beam Systems - select all beams in a system

Structural Beam Systems - select all beams in a system

I'm using a structural beam system for wood slat ceilings.  Architecturallty we tag the underside of ceilings from the level height. I'd like to be able to select all beams associated to a system and change the z-justification (from top to bottom).  Having the option to select all beams in a system would be helpful instead of isolating and trying to select all beams in the system from a 3D view.


I can't understand why this is not a default feature?! Unless I am missing something, it should be there out of the box.


Agreed.  Would be an incredibly easy feature to implement.   Do I really have to go and pick each individual beam in order to change the properties of all the beams?


As a work around I thought you could isolate the beam system element and then select all but this just hides all the beams.


Autodesk, heed our call!


Meanwhile a simple Dynamo script can do the job.




Yes please. This should definitely be implemented as a feature and wouldn't be difficult to achieve. Voted

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