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Spell-check Improvements

Spell-check Improvements

There are a lot of shortcomings with Spell-checking in Revit, here are a few suggestions on how it could be improved:


  • Autocorrect option - add an option to remember a text string change and automatically change it in future (Change All doesn't do this), similar to Word
  • Foreign characters not recognised in dictionary, and are ignored and repeatedly flagged as mistakes, eg. Façade 
  • Allow searching groups & schedule text
  • Allow editing multiple words
  • Abbreviations like A/C F/H should be able to be added to the dictionary
  • Spellchecking should be able to check the whole project in one go
  • Should be more intuitive and not offer unlikely words as a replacement which can cause more problems (eg. Revit first suggests replacing ACCESABLE with ACCUSABLE, rather tha ACCESSIBLE; or HANDELS with HANDLE rather than HANDLES, even though these typographic errors may have been made a hundred times in the past, and those first words in the suggestion list are unlikely to ever be found in architectural drawings)


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Hi krzystoff,


I agree on all those points, but I think it would also be great if Revit could run a spell check as you're typing. Similar to Microsoft Word or Excel. Even on this website for that matter... 


As you're busy typing, the word gets underlined red if misspelled, that way you can fix it immediately and there'll be no need to run a spell check on the whole project afterwards.


Please Autodesk, add this feature! 

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