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Sorting Open View Tabs

Sorting Open View Tabs

I would love if there was a button that re-ordered open view tabs alphabetically or by sheet number. It would make navigating open views much easier. I often have multiple sheets open with the same name only a different sheet number. I wish there was a way for the tabs to be reordered without the frustration of dragging the tabs around.

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Und schön wäre es, wenn man bei jedem Projekt eine andere Farbe in den Registern hätte. Dann würde man erkennen welche Ansicht zu welchem Projekt gehört. Vielleicht kann man die auch automatisch als Bündel hintereinander sortieren, nicht durcheinander.


@k_schoberTZRMW  I agree! It is not uncommon to have multiple projects open at once and there is no way to easily keep track of which view tabs belong to which project!

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