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Some ideas for schedules

Some ideas for schedules

Hi everyone
1. Standard schedules in revit looks very simple like this:

but what if I need something like this:


I think we need schedule constructor for creating pattern for one element and automatically distribute this pattern for other elements. for sample above pattern will be looks like this:


in constructor will be necessary simply move every cell to right position and add information to cell, such as parameter name, parameter value and pure text. This will be looks like a formula in every cell, for example: parameter1name + ": "+ parameter1value (result of this formula for example: Area: 25.32)

2. Second idea: add legend view to special type parameter for elements and possibility to add this type parameter to schedule. This will be better then image parameter for many situations.

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Hello! I have this idea to make schedule easier to work with. It would be great if Revit can put TYPE Mark(TÜÜP)  once and also do the same with parameters like in picture but still can seperate the data like Door Mark (Ava NR.), Door opening(Käelisus).

If there is solution for that, then I am very greate full of your help, because I have looked every revit forum and I have not find any help.

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Необходимо сделать возможным в спецификациях фильтр по семейству,типоразмеру.Почему эти параметры закрыты для фильтров не понятно.


Где-то на форуме есть отдельная идея на этот счет. Думаю, скоро сделают. Но, в целом, это не так критично и легко реализуется через Dynamo. 

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Also while we're at it, I would like to see better keyboard navigation of schedules. In particular, I want to be able to use cursor keys to get to a cell and then press Enter to enter the cell for editing. This should not remove the contents of the cell, just select it so that I can either delete it with one keystroke or simply edit it. This one simple enhancement would make schedules much better, especially when doing bulk editing.

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I agree with this idea, and also I want to ask developers to create a module which can change height letters in schedules in "modification mode". 


Problem is that, when you work with schedules (during modifying it) letters are too small and it is no option to change the size of it. Developing this option can help a lot in work. 


Thank you for a great product! 🙂


Have vertical schedules aka Rotate schedule 90 deg. Currently stuck horizontally. 


You could add the ability to change the weight or font of the results of sums and counts and grand totals. I would lov to set them just in BOLD... please.

@Anonymous , I was just going to post a similar idea.  I think it should have more votes.
The idea is to option to combine (group) rows cell with similar values. If a filter is apply, only group those that remain together in the last level of the filters that have been applied.  Here area some images for references.
The idea is to have a similat tool like "Group Header" but for combine row adjacent row cell that contain the same values. An should be applied by columns (not to all the schedule at once).
Proposed toolProposed tool
Here is an schedule (from the Revit Architectural Basic Sample Project), as it is without modification:Original ScheduleOriginal Schedule
With the prosposed tool, applied to the rows "Level" and "What view" the result should be as the following image.
Proposed resultProposed result
that way is more "readable", also use less ink at print.

@kimberly.fuhrman is possible to change the tittle of this idea to something more descriptive as "row grouping in schedules"?


Just found this Idea is duplicate with 


@kimberly.fuhrman  Can you merge it together?


@samuelsanf , Thank you for the suggestion to merge Ideas!


Happy New Year!


With regards to schedule enhancements see this link

Schedule enhancement links to others ideas 


lets be able to deal with null values that get populated into schedules. currently attempting to preform a calculation on these results in another null value. these need to be handled so that things like if(parameter=null,"0",1") for calculated values can done. its wild that this has not been addressed. Even just being able to treat null values as a default specified value like 0 would be an immense improvement

Please make it posible to sort schedules vertical and not horizontal.



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