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Solid Filled Region Transparency

Solid Filled Region Transparency

Solid Fill Filled Regions in projects have the option to make the 'background' transparent, but this option is grayed out in the family editor.  Please add this functionality to families as well.


FilledRegion - InProject.PNGFilledRegion - InFamily.PNG



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I agree, and have requested a similar option on text.  However, there is the ability to do this using "Visibility Graphics" -- you can change the transparency setting of your opaque Fill Region.  The problem is, you have to do this override on each fill region in the view (or with filtering or select all in view).


Please allow adjustments for filled regions within families such as surface transparency. This would be a great added feature for adding legends to title blocks.

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In the project environment, setting a detail item with a solid fill to 50% transparent changes the color of the detail item.  Setting the transparency to 100% makes the solid fill invisible.


There is not a straightforward workaround for this problem.



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