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Sketch closed loop information while sketching

Sketch closed loop information while sketching

It would be great to have the color of sketch eg pink when the sketch loop remains open, and then change to eg green once the loop gets closed. That would provide instant visual cue as to whether the sketch is ready to be accepted.


If based on colours User should be able to pick preference i.e. open=blue/red/pink... closed=orange/black/green...

another option if the sketch is closed to solid fill the whole area


@Leszek_Golubinski Great feature concept.  It might be more accessible to increase the line weight or add a glow effect when closed, both to avoid confusing users and for the colorblind.


Completely agree - and more than this, there should be a function to automatically trim/extend line segments together to close a loop once the defining elements have been picked, rather than having to click multiple times. While we're at it, let's automatically discard irrelevant tiny line fragments. This tedious method of creating basic geometry in Revit feels so 1980s - there must be a more efficient way.

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