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Show wall reference (center/core/face) in status bar

Show wall reference (center/core/face) in status bar

Issue: When aligning/dimensioning to a wall, tab selecting to select the correct reference (center of wall, center of core, face of wall) is strictly visual - a dashed line (or highlighted edge) appears directly over the wall. This can be prone to error, especially if there is not a clear visual distinction between these references.


For example, the center of wall and center of core might vary by fractions of an inch because a wall assembly is assymetrical. Selecting the correct reference may not be visually quickly apparent. Or, the wall core may be near to the face of wall and either could be errantly selected if not zoomed or otherwise not readily distinguishable because lineweights are turned on.


Solution: In the status bar, the currently selected reference should include the corresponding wall reference. This would be similar to other objects like Columns (which can list Center Left/Right or Center Front/Back) or families which will show the name of the reference line


For example: when selecting the face of core of a wall while dimensioning, the status bar should read - Workset : Walls : Basic Wall : Wall Name : Reference : Face of Core

This could list:

  • Face of Core
  • Face of Wall
  • Center of Core
  • Center of Wall

Additionally valuable would be to describe which side the reference corresponds to - Exterior or Interior.


Adding this would improve efficiency and accuracy by providing a clear indication of the reference, eliminating the need to zoom in to visually inspect references or open the wall type structure dialog to verify which layers are core, etc. It would be consistent with how other Revit objects provide this additional information.

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