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Shared parameters linked to Revit File

Shared parameters linked to Revit File

Description :

Revit Shared parameters are parameter definitions that can be used in multiple families or projects.

Shared parameter definitions are stored in a file independent of any family file or Revit project; this allows you to access the file from different families or projects (TXT format).


Issue :

As explain above Shared parameter file is stored in a file independent and isn’t connected to a specific file and it can generate some issue if the customer don’t pay attention.

Example: I create a Revit file “A” and create Shared parameter file “ASP”. In the same time, I create a second file “B” and create Shared parameter file “BSP”. If I close Revit and reopen (in two days, for instance) the Revit file “A”, it will be used automatically the latest Shared parameter, i.e Shared parameter file “BSP” è that is the issue.




Suggestions / improvements:

In order to avoid this kind of issue, it will be great to save in the “Revit.ini” file, the path where is stored the to shared parameter file and load this one.





Shared Parameter files don't work as you describe - if they only would! It's worse. Once you added a Shared Parameter to a Family or project, that Shared Parameter file is never used again. The GUID of the parameter is added to Family and Project and that's what Revit uses to tie them together.


And if that's  not bad enough, you can happily create Shared Parameters with the same name in different files, but those names will never be linked to existing Shared Parameters with that name.


It seems to me the Shared Parameter concept is to remedy one of Revit's fundamental flaws - Families don't 'talk' to the Project. Every Family can be seen as an independent project of it's own. We should not need Shared Parameters to access all data inside Families in the project. So IMHO Autodesk should focus on solving the interconnection of Families / Projects instead of improving the (in so many ways flawed) Shared Parameters.


Given the complexity of shared parameters and the research I have done there are some good reasons why they work the way they do. Check out Renaming Shared Parameters In Revit Project files. Is it possible? ( for a discussion on the issues and a 3rd party solution to the issue. 

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