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Shared Parameter ID’s

Shared Parameter ID’s

Do Shared parameters need ID’s?

Without ID’s, schedules with double parameters with the same parameter name wouldn’t exist in a project.


Often, I see schedules with double parameters when loading external content.

Not everybody is aware of the ID’s that are connected to the name of the parameter! This is a major problem.

In example below next to the Revit built in parameter (Fire Rating) 2 shared parameters of FireRating are visible.firerating3.JPG

FireRating as in default Autodesk IFC Shared Parameter file has an ID.


Creating FireRating in your own parameter file will make a different ID.



Loading this parameter into a new family will create a second field in the schedule of a project.

When external content was created with a different parameter ID, a 3th field will appear in the schedule.

Also, some add-ins automated create parameters if not existing in a project and this will cause the same issues.


Copy/paste the ID from “IFC Shared Parameter.txt” to own shared parameter file is a solution.

All available content should be checked and reconnected with the correct parameter.

But not for all parameters a predefined parameter exists or an existing parameter files is available.

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