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Shared nested families inside model group

Shared nested families inside model group

I've created a door family which has shared nested families inside (fixed glass, double door or single door). The type of the nested family can be chosen through door type parameters inside the host family. It all works fine untill i place the famly in a modelgroup. If i change a doortype i get this error: "Changes to groups are allowed only in group edit mode. ". Even when i am inside a group.


I already found multiple threads on forums discussing it:


When i asked a Revit expert of autodesk he told me to create a new type of the host family. That worked but 

imagine having 30 different apartment groups with that door. If i created a new type i would have to go over all the apartment groups to change the old doortype to the newly created doortype.


It would help a lot if this error could be fixed.


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