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Selection Filters drop-down list

Selection Filters drop-down list

Please make a Selection Filters drop-down list next to the Worksets drop-down list.

We should use the Selection Filter first, then 'draw' a selection window, thus selecting ONLY the elements we want.

Current Revit method of 'selecting first, filter after' it's totally annoying and counterproductive. 

Also, please create selection buttons for 'Select only assemblies', 'Select only groups', 'Select only individual parts in assemblies / groups', just like Tekla Structures has. Fast selection saves a lot of time and reduces the number of mouse clicks significantly. 


@ipselute selection filter provides you a list that essentially consists of, what we call, Built In Category. you can select an instance of a category, let's say an Air Terminal, and isolate category using (Temporary Hide/Isolate) button. You can even assign a keyboard shortcut for that and you can instantly isolate the category you want to work on. you can even select multiple instances of different categories and isolate them together.


@ceyhunyuzuak : Why would I want to isolate Hvac items? Because I don't want to know where the walls are? Isolating and hiding means pulling stuff out of context. That's bad. What amount can i move a duct if I can't see the rooms and the walls? How to stack together multiple plumbing fixtures if I can't see any context? How to avoid doors and windows if I'm hiding everything? I want to 'lock and fade' everything except for the filtered elements, just like Autocad's LayerIsolate with fade option (Not hide). 


@ipselute I wouldnt think it that way as it is a bit of a strange workflow where you have Architectural and Mechanical models all in the same Revit file. but I see your point now. even a checkbox column in Visibility and Graphics Filter menu could do the job. a column with header Underlay right next to the Halftone. we would check and elements that are under that filter would act like underlay elements. 

Hint: Once you set Discipline parameter of your view to Mechanical, Architectural elements will all be underlay. Maybe that'll help until they implement this as a feature.

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