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Select Filter - Identifier

Select Filter - Identifier

Request: The addition of an additional dropdown to the selection tree in the selection filter within Revit. This new dropdown would allow users to identify elements within a specific category, enabling the selection of specific items based on their category.


Explanation: Currently, the selection filter in Revit provides options to filter elements based on their type, family, or category. While this is helpful in narrowing down selections, it can still be challenging to precisely target elements within a specific category, especially in complex projects with numerous elements. For example (A user can select dimension strings, walls, and Revit links, then I can isolate the Revit links by unchecking the dimensions and walls in the dialogue box. However, the user from there can't isolate the specific Revit link in that same dialogue box.)

By introducing an additional dropdown menu in the selection filter, users would gain a more intuitive and efficient method of selecting elements within a specific category. This new functionality would enable architects, engineers, and designers to quickly isolate and manipulate specific items, streamlining their workflows and saving valuable time.


Benefits and Use Cases:

  1. Enhanced Control: With the ability to filter elements within a specific category, users can easily select and modify elements such as doors, windows, or furniture without manually sorting through various types or families.

  2. Simplified Editing: The new selection filter would empower users to perform category-specific edits, such as modifying parameters or applying overrides to a selected group of elements, while avoiding unintended changes to unrelated elements.

  3. Improved Collaboration: For project teams, this feature would facilitate better communication and collaboration, as members could quickly identify and select elements within a category, allowing for focused discussions or design reviews.

  4. Enhanced Visualization: With category-specific selection, users can create custom views that only display elements from a chosen category, providing a clearer visual representation and aiding in the analysis of specific design aspects.

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