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Section creation controls

Section creation controls

Currently if you wish to create a section you click on a start point and and end point and the view distance is automatically generated by Revit through some algorithm. I propose that the section creation controls are changed to a 3-click system where the third click is used to define the distance of the section. A dashed box can preview the area in the section as you move the mouse after the 2nd click in the same way that the section previews the area currently if you click on any section (a dashed blue line pops up showing the extents).


Additionally, for improved usability, a user should be able to click the start and end of a section, and with the third click point to a point behind the two points to automatically flip the section to the other side.


100% agree this would be great!

Also, and naturally as a side affect of this idea: stop sections from trying to generate everything as you pick your initial 2 points! On larger projects, we have to turn the view template off in the section type just to be able to draw a section as the time it takes to pick your second point can be upwards of 20 seconds at times! So painful and really breaks the immersion/workflow!


Additionally, please consider that the default vertical extents of the section should extend 2' past the floor where the section has been made on (for example if viewing the 10th floor then then section should extend 2' above the 11th floor level and 2' below the 10th floor level.) Currently the section cuts an inconsistent distance above and below the target height. Having the section cut through the entire project will load a lot of information that is not required, and would cause slowdown on larger projects.

Could i suggest rather than automatically being above the next level above, have two drop downs for top and bottom extents (potentially with offset boxes from that level too) available before placement


I endlessly draw sections which take ages to load as the view depth is typically so deep then reduce the crop region ... 


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