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Schedules that can reference selected data from other Schedules

Schedules that can reference selected data from other Schedules

Require the ability to create schedules where I can select data I need to input into another schedule

Example 1

I have calculated area of floors and I want to create a schedule that only shows the total area of a given floor

Example 2

I have mixed model of Rebar & Generic Models. Some of the GMs are part of the rebar model. I need to calculate the mixed rebar and GMs Weight and I need to calculate the weight of the left over GM. I don't need all the other individual weight data. Also don't want a multi-category schedule as this would show individual parts which I don't need. I am only interested in the Total weight

Right now due to this lack of functionality I am forced to use pen and paper / Excel and manually add up the totals to get data I require.

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Excelente ideia! obrigado pelo envio @wr.marshall 

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