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Room bounding through linked model

Room bounding through linked model

As an MEP firm we use the rooms from architectural models to place our own spaces. Whenever the rooms in the architectural model rely on room bounding elements from linked models (most commonly a structural model) the linked room will lose its room bounding assocation with the structural model. This means that we have to open the architectural model, relink the structural model (if we have access to it) and then resave  and reload the architectural model. Otherwise coordination between  rooms and spaces is hardly possible as the rooms are spread out across the linked model.


It would be great if a linked model could somehow retain its room bounding boundaries (that is has aqcuired through its own linked models), without having to:

 - open linked model

 - relink its linked models

 - save linked model

 - reload linked model in host model


When you are in a plan view, click the linked background, then in the properties box, click on edit type. In the next opened up screen make sure Room Bounding is ticked. This should solve your issue.linked file 1.jpglinked file 2.jpg


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply, but this actually does not resolve the issue. When you have an Arch model with rooms that are dependent on the walls from a Struct model for their room bounding this actually does not come through when you have both the Arch and Struct model loaded as link in your MEP model. You can actually see this when you visualize the rooms in your MEP model. You will see that the rooms (that are dependent on the Struct walls) will not see those walls as room bounding. Right now the only way to resolve this is is to open the Arch model, reload the Struct model and then save it the Arch model again. After that the rooms will show up correctly when you view them from the MEP model.


edit: I tried to recreate the above using some dummy files, but in that case the room bounding works fine. I guess there must be more parameters at play that cause the behaviour that we are experiencing. 

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