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Room Area boundaries

Room Area boundaries

Just a thought...


It would be fantastic is we could align the room boundary to a specific location on each wall, rather than a one size fits all approach.


While I can create area plans where by I can control the area boundary as I require, this can result in double work when calculating tenancies or NLA.


Some rooms require the area to be:-


  • centre of wall (for example adjoining tenancies)
  • inside finish face of wall (for example adjoining to cores)
  • outside face of wall of wall (for example adjoining public areas or boundary walls)


Could be a function of the wall location in relation to rooms rather than centre or face...


Anyone else have this dream?




Revit Rentable Area schemes come with preset area types, like "Store Area, and Major Vertical Penetration." These have predetermined area boundary locations that seem to be based off BOMA Office 1996 (like AutoCAD documents here), but these standards are outdated and limited. Revit should update these standards to BOMA 2010, add other common standards for non-office occupancies, while also allowing for custom area measurement standards as they vary by region.


While you can draw area lines wherever, the automatic placement is a potentially huge timesaver and fits into the BIM philosophy.

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I would also add to this premade schedules which pull in the appropriate area information and that can be modified as needed based on client requirements.




Try doing a residential building with the current area types. You can't. I even looked for ways that I could "trick" the program into it by using the BOMA stuff strategically but - nope. 


One solution, I think, would be to just give you a tick box where you want the area line drawn in your wall assembly. 

Another would just be to integrate a "Gross Residential Unit" type and a "Net Residential Unit" type - the latter would take area from the inside face of the wall (as you sometimes do for rental units), the Gross would take it from the corridor/exterior side of the wall face (with a mid-wall location for demising walls with other units) as is common with Condominium calculations.


Given the complexity of the software, it's strange that we aren't allowed to touch or configure the area types.

This has been called for so many times over the years. We need this.
Our local property boundary guidelines are very specific with boundaries & at this time revit is not enabling us the ability to designate boundaries as required.
Please consider this autodesk.

Our firm would like to see the room calculation point have the option to be set to the wall location line. This would allow for rooms to calculate according to BOMA standards




Would also be great if you could assign that walls of a particular function (interior, exterior, shaft, etc.) have the room boundary at a certain location.


Just to add, yes while area plans allow me to draw the line where I want, I really would like this in the room function, as I more regularly use the room for data mining, and colouring in, I'm not always using areas...




Modify the Pick Wall option on an area plan to function more like creating a floor or ceiling.  The BOMA rules are already able to be turned off, but picking layers of the wall with the TAB key does not function like when creating a floor or ceiling.  I would like to be able to select a core of the wall and then offset to the sheathing for a Gross Area plan (as well as being able to select a chain of walls), and be able to select centerlines and face of core for Leasable Plans, while completely ignoring the BOMA rules.  I have yet to see any institution use those rules as applied in Revit.

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