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Revit UI Profils and Manager

Revit UI Profils and Manager

We need a process that allows us to set up the UI as desired, save that to a named profile, and then to manage which profile is in use.

For example, I utilize a workstation class laptop. Most of the time I'm in the office and using two monitors connected to a docking stations. I use one set up of windows/UI on this set-up. Then, when traveling, I'm likely to only be using the laptop monitor, so I would like a different configuration for that set-up. Additionally, there may be instances in the two-monitor set-up where I would want to keep all Revit windows on one monitor with other information on the second monitor.

Some way to easily save these to different profiles and switch between/manage them seems critical.

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@Jody_Kovalick: Indeed, that's absolutely necessary, especially if you're using a ton of extensions, each one with it's own menu(s). You can hide Revit native menus, but you can't hide extension menus AT ALL.

Autodesk already solved his problem in Autocad years ago. It's called Workspaces. I just don't understand why can't they port that solution to Revit.

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