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Revit to Structural Analysis Software

Revit to Structural Analysis Software

This gap has been bridged by platforms like Konstru and more recently Speckle. There is very little information on the workflow between Revit and Analytical models outside of some very simple orthogonal buildings. The typical workflow is to receive a Revit model from the Architect. From that we need to have a bi-directional link with the functionality of the newly updated analysis tools. It was mentioned that many analysis softwares are used outside of Robot, but I haven't been able to find any examples of the workflow from Revit to external analysis packages from Autodesk. The examples on the Autodesk youtube channel look very much like demo models rather than real-life projects. It would be great to see a customer use case on a real project. If this is not on the roadmap, is the expectation to look to tools such as Speckle?

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