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Revit sheets to Autocad DWG - Font Mismatch

Revit sheets to Autocad DWG - Font Mismatch

To Autodesk Team,


While converting from Revit sheet to AutoCAD (DWG /DXF), we found there is a font mismatch. 
Then after enquiring with Autodesk development team, current design of both Revit and AutoCAD holds this behavior due to true font type (Revit using) and .shx font (AutoCAD using).


I request Autodesk team to look in depth and provide solution even as a hotfix or in future releases.

Due to this mismatch behavior, we could not able to meet our customer requirement in short period of time. In other words, it took lots of time in correcting single sheet. In our part of business, multiple sheet and multiple deliverables holds a big challenge. 


Reference case no: 20839689


I am expecting a good solution as earliest.




@sithavelgandhi.k , What version of Revit are you using?


@kimberly.fuhrman - I am using Revit 2022 version. But this issue should be investigated at Autodesk end even in latest version available (since i have raised a ticket). So Autodesk team suggested to post in Idea station.


It will be helpful if you have any good suggestion regarding this.




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